FAQs & Policies

Players interested in becoming members of Compass Lacrosse must participate in tryout evaluations. We hold tryouts prior to our fall season to not only ensure we are getting top-notch players but to also hold current members accountable for their commitment to developing their game. Prior team membership does not guarantee future team membership.

Tryout participants will be given a numbered reversible jersey dedicated to them throughout the duration of the tryout. Team selections will be completed within a week of the final tryout date for each age group. We will either email invitations to the emails collected at tryout registration and/or post selected jersey numbers. Invited players and alternates have 48 hours to accept their position as a member of Compass Lacrosse.

The Team Membership fee is split into 5 installments with a deposit due upon membership acceptance or can be paid in one payment. 

This fee covers all practices, scheduled tournaments, administrative fees, and uniform/practice apparel costs.

Compass Lacrosse offers additional tournament, clinic, camp, and training options throughout the year. Costs for these opportunities will be additional to the seasonal Team Membership fees and are the responsibility of players attending the events.

There are no refunds or partial payment options for elite team members based on potential scheduling conflicts or lack of attendance.

Membership and tryout fees are non-transferable.

  • All practices (two per week in the summer; one per week in the fall)
  • Game uniform
  • Practice & sideline apparel
  • Coaching staff salaries (head & asst coaches)
  • Field rental fees
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Recruiting profile for high school student-athletes
  • All operating costs

We understand that everyone's financial situation is different. We will never allow finances to prevent a player from being a member of our program. Please email admin@compasslacrosse.com to apply for a need-based scholarship or request a custom payment plan.

Families with multiple players will receive a multi-player discount. It is automatically applied to your team fee. Questions? Email admin@compasslacrosse.com

The Compass Lacrosse tryout fee is non-refundable.

The Team Membership fee is non-refundable. If a player sustains a season-ending injury prior to the start of club lacrosse that prevents them from participating, 50% of the fee will be waived or taken off of the following season membership cost when a doctor's note verifying the injury is submitted to the Directors of Compass Lacrosse.

Should a player quit Compass they are responsible for any outstanding payments.

Yes! Being a member of Compass Lacrosse is a privilege. We expect our players to continually work to make themselves and their teammates better. We expect our Compass families to be positive representations of our program on and off the field. Failure to comply with our Compass Code of Conduct will impact playing time and membership status.

Player Code of Conduct
As a Member of the Compass Lacrosse program, I will:

  • Practice good sportsmanship, on and off the field
  • Be on time
  • Be team first
  • Have a positive attitude & work hard
  • Be respectful of coaches, teammates, officials, and opponents, on and off the field
  • Communicate with my coaching staff &/or directors as needed
  • Have fun!

Parent Code of Conduct
As a Compass Lacrosse Parent, I will:

  • Be respectful, positive, and enthusiastic on the sidelines
  • Practice common lacrosse courtesy, and sit on the sideline opposite of the players' bench
  • Communicate with coaching staff &/or administrators in a timely fashion
  • Deliver my player(s) to the field on time, and with all necessary equipment and apparel
  • Let the players play, coaches coach, and officials officiate
  • Not address game or tournament officials, at any time

Email your team’s dedicated coach. Their contact information is listed on the respective team page.

Contact your team's coach to schedule a meeting.

Upon accepting your position with Compass Lacrosse, you are agreeing to be an active member of the team. As the premier lacrosse program in Westchester County, NY, Compass must be the priority commitment for players while in their summer and fall competitive seasons. We structure our program to support our multi-sport athletes and well-rounded student-athletes!

Elite players are committing to every practice and all tournaments in which the club is participating. Regardless of how much notice was given, players who cancel or are "no shows" to tournaments, will face a $150 fee for not upholding their elite team commitment. The only exceptions are cases of season-ending injuries and unforeseen family emergencies.

Attendance is taken at every practice and tournament by the respected coaching staff. We understand that emergent situations arise and will work with you on a player-to-player basis during these instances. If you need to be excused from practice, it is the player's responsibility to communicate with their respective coach. Simply stating that you cannot attend a practice or tournament is not an acceptable form of communication.

If your player attends sleepaway summer camp, they are expected to leave for camp AFTER the summer season (when tournaments and evaluations are done). This was communicated when you accepted the Compass position and we expect this to be upheld with no surprises from families. 

If you are not meeting these guidelines, playing time will be limited and you may be asked to leave the team if attendance continues to be an issue.

If your player attends sleepaway summer camp, they are expected to leave for camp AFTER the summer season (when tournaments and evaluations are done). This was communicated when you accepted the Compass position and we expect this to be upheld with no surprises from families. 

Utilize the website and follow us on social media! Keep your League Apps contact information updated and check your team page on a regular basis.

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